Looking for an EV charge point for your electric car in Paisley, Scotland?

Head on over to our FYF Charity Hub to keep topped up.

We have two Connekt fast electric vehicle charge points available for use by the public in our car park.

We have discounted prices for visitors booking into our Hub – just contact us for the visitor code before coming along. Once your car is charged, there is a grace period of 30 minutes. After this you will then be charged a small overstay amount. This is to encourage users to leave the space when finished to give others a chance to use the charger if they need.

Option 1 – scan the quick charge QR code on the charger panel. With this, you won’t need to put in any details but you also won’t be able to use a discount code or receive an overstay notification.

Option 2 – download the app by scanning the relevant QR code on the charger panel.  This is where you can enter your visitor discount code and receive a notification of when your car is charged.

We have a café on the ground floor where you can get a coffee and sandwich while you wait.

Use the map below if you need to plan your route.